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Friday, October 23, 2009

Hello, Darlings!

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Oh my Dears, How I have Missed You! It Seems so Long since I've Spoken to any of You and I Feel I've been Dreadfully Neglectful! I have been Terribly Busy, but that is No Excuse for Treating my friends so Shabbily! Please accept my Apologies as I try to Make Amends.

Those of You who have Read my Letters before no doubt Know that I have been in the Throes of Renovating a Darling Flat in Paris. I Believe that my Last Missive describes a Room which had been Walled Over. For those of You who Don't Recall this, I will Merely tell you that there was a Discrepancy in the Size of Two Rooms along a Hallway, and the Length of the Hallway. My Dear Brother Osgood noted this and Removed the Wallboard one Evening, discovering a Small Study that had been Inexplicably Hidden.

It was a Delightful Mystery, of Course, and I Much Enjoyed Solving it! I will Tell you More about it at a Later Date, though. This is just a Short Note to Let you Know that I have moved with the rest of my Dear Friends from Slate to this Lovely new Home and am Looking Forward to Dispensing advice and Relaxing Beverages as I Always Have.

If you Wish to Contact me, send an E-Mail to: My Darling Niece will Forward it to Me. We will have Such Fun, I know it!

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  1. As the mother of the cool niece I can attest to the fact that she in fact has been away much to the chagrin of her niece. Welcome back!